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  • Published on: May 15, 2017

About Anh and Chi

Anh and Chị [/ aĭŋ / ænd / ţi /]
noun / conjunction / noun

  1. Elder brother and elder sister of the same family;

  2. respectful form of address for a friend or a even a stranger, man or woman respectively, generally above one’s age; address for fellow members of the same community;

  3. a cultured, vibrant hub at 3388 Main Street in Vancouver – a place to gather, eat, drink and share authentic Vietnamese recipes from many brothers’ and sisters’ kitchens, assembled with fresh and local ingredients with love and excitement.


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Anh and Chi
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Phone: 604 874 0832
Email: [email protected]
Monday: 11am – late!
Tuesday: 11am – late!
Wednesday: 11am – late!
Thursday: 11am – late!
Friday: 11am – late!
Saturday: 11am – late!
Sunday: 11am – late!

  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada